Letters From Classmates

Communications and photos received
(updated Oct. 3rd, 2017 with
email from Martin Horsted)

Bonnie Jetty Memorial Story

Dedicated to all the deceased members of the class of 1961. Interspersed with many old photos of the way we were.

Class of 1961 Elementary School Stuff

Kindergarten pictures and class list, first grade class list, and other news items from 1948 to 1955.
(Updated 8-22-18)

Class of 1961 Brooklyn School Stuff

Pictures and stuff

Growing up in Brooklyn

A story by Jackie Fiori with pictures

Assumption Hall Catholic School

Graduation from 8th grade 7-2-57 (Class of 61)

The Hi-Times Newspaper

Flip through the pages for the latest news
(All issues 1955-1961)

Senior High Events and Memories

More Great Photos, News clippings and Events

It’s Prom Time

And other "Dress up" Parties
(Updated 8-22-2016)

Ondine -Junior Class Play

November 13, 1959


Senior High Play
October 1960

Diary of Anne Frank

Senior High Play
April 1961

Junior Achievement

A list of all the Junior Achievement companies, who was in each company and 2 interesting photos

Senior High Sports
(including cheerleaders)

High School Band

Picture from trip to Washington, D.C.
June 1961

Local Rock ‘N Roll Groups

Rockets, Renowns, Renegades, Tijuana Trio,
(Updated 3-11-13)

Class of 1961 Graduation seating & program

Remember where you sat for graduation and who sat next to you? Find out here.

Class of 1961 Will

What everyone "leaves" upon graduating.
(New July 2011)

Senior Personality Poll – May 19, 1961

Best dancer, most flirtatious, best laugh, best figure – see who they are!

Senior Sketches

Each Hi-Times featured a senior boy and girl with best picture and story.

Wedding Engagements

Original Wedding Announcements from some of the 1961 class members.

Finding Porketta

TV Report on Hibbing High

3 1/2 minute quick tour from 2013 featuring the auditorium

Flip through the original Hi-Times newspaper.

all the copies from 1955 – 1961